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America's Army 3 - Hooah? Not really...

Authentication Server Status

Tuesday 09 June 2009 - 11:31:45

[FiG] is playing Call of Duty 4

Tuesday 16 September 2008 - 23:28:00

rumors, changes and clan meet

a winter full of changes passed and and we're still here. seems that rumors are running around that FiG is closing it's doors and we're about to shut down the clan. Always impressive with rumors that have no depth or no grounds. This clan is based on friendship, fun and loyalty. Activity always varies in a clan and all clans that have been around for a long time knows this. what stands firm at the end of the day is a loyal friendship that goes beyond one game. Skill, competetivenes and winning are bonuses. So for rumor spreaders - please drink a big hot cup of "shut the fuck up" ;-)

but time has passed and we have lost a few players due to activity or personal reasons and we wish them luck with whatever they do. TS is always up and you all are welcome there whenever you decide to play a few pick up games. hooah

Copenhagen 2007. Rat, coq, Titan, Nars and mags met up denmark for a clan meet. Mags who's local prepped a great stay for us and it was great to meet everyone. some have met at previous clan meets and others met for the fist time and hopefully not the last. thanx again mags for setting it all up. maybe we'll pull off another one as early as this summer.

[FiG]-le_coq out his tag back on after a short hiatus. HOOAH!

Always proud to be [FiG]

[Submitted by Titan]
Sunday 20 May 2007 - 11:00:46

Growing, growing and growingest


[FiG] keeps growing and we have had the pleasure of [FiG]-Glazer and [FiG]-mR.P!nK- joining our clan. We are now looking to expanding our US side and are recruiting US and Canadian players (even if they speak funny). Visit our forums and fill out an app if you meet the requirements and we suit your taste.

We did pull from the FTK ladder and will most probably join again next season, since the rules have changed and made it possible for us to play there.

See ya on the battlefield!

Monday 19 February 2007 - 11:18:37
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