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There's always a d'evil...
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Fri Nov 30 2007, 01:21AM

Registered Member #8
Joined: Wed Nov 30 2005, 07:02PM
Posts: 442
Hola hombres.
Screeching by to holla at ya! Bros, how you been??
Been so long i can't recall the last time you had me for breakfast even.
As you mighta contemplated, I'm outta gaming. Need to focus the last
of my creative resources in my body of work, before thinning it all
out in the porn-industry.
I'm settling in Los Angeles january 20th, much due to a whole lotta shit going down.
I'm all nerves and feel like crying back home. But there's nuthin there, so it's all or nothing :)

I'll see you homos later, bet I'll be playing with y'all at the age of 85. I won't sweat it tho, you retards. I'll be too retarded to even knowing what hits me..

All the love

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Fri Nov 30 2007, 07:35AM
Registered Member #16
Joined: Wed Mar 15 2006, 03:21PM
Posts: 885
doesnt all gays move to frisko? - why LA?- musta be some hetero parts in ya.
all the best for ya moving out of the cold norge iglo into the sunny seaside!
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Fri Nov 30 2007, 10:06AM

Registered Member #3
Joined: Sun Nov 13 2005, 10:55PM
Posts: 712
Hey D'evs

you'll be fine in LA bro :)

i'll be seeing ya there. hopefully before

you have a stinky bottom

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Fri Nov 30 2007, 11:45AM

Registered Member #41
Joined: Tue Sep 26 2006, 09:39PM
Posts: 234
Good to know we have an adress to stay, when we visit L.A.
All the best to you d'evil.

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Mon Dec 03 2007, 03:41AM

Registered Member #1
Joined: Sun Nov 13 2005, 03:07AM
Posts: 211
Sweet, I was planning to make a road trip through the US to California sometime in a few years. ;)

gl hf bj? I guess I'll be seeing you on Youporn or Pornotube soon, LOL.

[ Edited Mon Dec 03 2007, 03:43AM ]

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Fri Dec 14 2007, 11:18AM
Registered Member #22
Joined: Wed Jun 14 2006, 04:54PM
Posts: 335
ahaha thos eare two great sites civic ;)

and Dev if I ever go to LA (prob not I hate americans :p) but IF I do i'll come look you up and we shall hug and make mini beanevils :)

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