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Tue Oct 23 2007, 01:49AM
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Hey buddies!
Could u guys do me a favor? I uploaded 2 of my songs to
and now i need a couple of good votes to get it up the "charts"...
Could u guys vote for them (somewhere on the left) with 5 every once in a while?
That would be kewl
Just click the 5 on the skale

Link to the first song:

Link to the second song:

Damn fucker keep voting my songs with a ZERO everytime i reach page 1... -_-

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Tue Oct 23 2007, 06:36PM
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Joined: Wed Mar 15 2006, 03:21PM
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i hope only voting is ok and i dont have to listen to that
everytime i vote - sounds like your mic sticks somewhere
down in ya stomach or deeper. jesus - cant you listen to
some more friendly music like poison or acdc?
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Tue Oct 23 2007, 07:01PM
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Tue Oct 23 2007, 09:27PM
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i also have a gay sensitive side, but only women know about that one.
What I'm trying to say is: i can also sing normally lol

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Wed Oct 24 2007, 03:37PM

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Joined: Tue Sep 26 2006, 09:39PM
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My ears!! My ears.. when will the bleeding stop?
Well i voted for you IC, but i'm not gonna buy this CD ;-)

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Wed Oct 24 2007, 04:37PM
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Joined: Tue Aug 29 2006, 08:21PM
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Maybe I'll write a gay fig song someday... And use lots of gay acoustic guitars and gay strings in it...

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Thu Oct 25 2007, 10:33PM
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Joined: Wed Jun 14 2006, 04:54PM
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I voted but it made me cry! So hard!

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